Bright Ideas New Product Showcase

Do you have a new product that you’d like to feature at Southern Exposure 2018? The SEPC is excited to introduce our Bright Ideas New Product Showcase. This showcase will highlight your new product or service in a high-traffic display area, open to attendees during our 3-day conference. Applications were due by Friday, January 26, 2018 before 5:00pm EST.

Showcase Information

Case Dimensions: 17.5” W x 17.5” H x 17.5″

Price: $250 (Invoice will follow completed form submission)

Please note: All shelves include lighting. An electric upgrade may be purchased through Edlen if you need an outlet within the case. Contact Danika Ciullo at (407)948-8047.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Your company must be a corporate member of the Southeast Produce Council and in good standing [has been on the SEPC membership roster for at least 12 months and has attended at least one SEPC event (Southern Exposure and/or Southern Innovations) in the last 12 months]
  • Your new product must have been launched since March 2017 or will be launched before July 2018.
  • Space is limited to (1) case per member company.

Look for the following companies’ innovative products at this year’s Southern Exposure:

Company Name New Product Name  Launch Date Description
B&W Quality Growers, LLC Power 4 06-01-2017 This mighty mix brings together four of the most potent leafy greens on the planet: cress, red leaf kale, baby spinach, and arugula. The power 4 combination is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and K, and a good source of calcium and potassium. With our exclusive red leaf kale, this unique blend adds color and distinctive flavor to any dish. Versatile and delicious, you won’t find a better mix to supercharge your salads, smoothies, sandwiches, dips, pizzas, and more. For more than 145 years, B&W has specialized in baby leaves, with a singular focus on quality. Our varieties are selected for superior flavor and consistent appearance.
Tanimura & Antle Artisan Dew Drop Cabbage 07-29-2017 With a unique teardrop-shape and a sweeter, more tender flavor profile, Artisan Dew Drop Cabbage is a refreshing shake-up to the cabbage category. In addition to a high yield per head, the petite size and unique shape of each Artisan Dew Drop Cabbage head allows for quick and easy preparation, as well as flexibility in size and cuts, while decreasing waste. It’s perfect for foodservice and home use.
All Fresh GPS EverCrisp apple 01-01-2018 EverCrisp® is sweet and juicy – a yummy apple that holds a powerful crunch – combining the best features of the parent varieties, Honeycrisp and Fuji. The durable apple arrives late in the season and stores strongly – it maintains sweetness and firmness like no other.
Goodness Gardens 2oz Herb Purees 02-01-2018 Goodness Gardens a grower/packer/shipper of Fresh Herbs is reinventing the Herb Puree category with our NEW 2oz “Single Serve” Herb Purees. Our new items will allow a consumer friendly price point, and are complemented with multiple retail display options for your stores. Visit booth number 521 for more information!
Good Foods Group The.Best.Dressing 10-19-2017 We are thrilled to announce our brand new line of salad dressings, made with fresh herbs and produce, cold pressed juices, and without any artificial flavors or preservatives. We offer six great flavors: Beet Balsamic Vinaigrette, Avocado Ranch, Asian Ginger, Classic Caesar, Blue Cheese, and Apply Thyme Vinaigrette. Infinite yums!
Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. Let’s Blend Finely Diced Mushrooms 10-02-2017 Let’s Blend™ is an 8-ounce package of finely diced mushrooms ready to blend with ground meat.  Available in three pre-seasoned flavors: Classic, Mexican and Italian; Let’s Blend is a healthier, tastier way to enjoy favorite meat dishes.  Let’s Blend is on trend; it cuts down on food prep.  The recyclable package has easy to use cooking instructions, an extended shelf life, a visible use-by date code and a cut out window to see the product.  It’s as easy as blend, cook and enjoy.
organicgirl organicgirl salad dressing 01-29-2018 Innovative small batch, cold bottled & preservative free premium fresh dressings.  organic fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and premium aged cheeses.  Superior “just made” taste.
Mastronardi Produce YOU MAKE ME™ Pasta Kits 12-08-2017 Introducing YOU MAKE ME™ Pasta Kits, a convenient collection of meal solutions from SUNSET®. This innovative new line is comprised of 4 unique pasta kits containing fresh tomatoes, perfectly portioned pasta, flavorful spices, and some even include herb infused oil.  With 4 unique flavors, these kits will satisfy a variety of taste buds and palates.
Del Fresco Produce Ltd. YES!Berries Your Everyday Snack! 10-02-2017 We bet you can’t just eat one…package. These outrageously sweet strawberries are greenhouse grown in Ontario, Canada. Simply add to your much-loved breakfast smoothie, dessert or salad! Come see us at booth #322 and try our berries.
Mann’s Fresh Vegetables Spicy Thai Nourish Bowl 10-16-2017 A delicious warm meal of fresh kohlrabi noodles, kale & carrots with spicy Thai sauce and toasted
coconut topping!Ready in just 5 minutes and only 200 calories per serving. Cooks and tastes like real noodles.
Mission Produce Emeralds in the Rough 03-01-2018 Emeralds in the Rough is Mission’s brand new package for bagged #2 grade avocados. This package is not only eye catching in design, but also communicates the message of the product in a unique and playful manner. We are excited to introduce Emeralds in the Rough into our line of creative and innovative packages.
Nature’s Eats Sriracha Ranch Cashews 02-01-2018 Turn up the heat then cool it down with Roasted Cashews in Sriracha and Ranch Seasoning! Spicy and Smooth!
Riveridge Produce Marketing Riveridge Cider Co. 09-01-2017 Riveridge Produce Marketing introduced Riveridge Cider Company in the fall 2017. Nestled among 400 acre apple orchard in Michigan, the new cider facility produces both a gallon and half gallon blend as well as half gallon varietals including Fuji, Gala and Honeycrisp.
Misionero Organic Wholesome Salads 01-04-2018 Deliciously Tasty, Healthy & On-Trend, EarthGreens Organic Wholesome Salads pairs up roasted veggies, baby greens and clean ingredients.

Organic + Healthy = Happy

Wilcox Fresh Easy Creations! 11-01-2017 The Easy! way to create fresh healthy meals!   Easy Creations Meal Kit includes packed Idaho potatoes and a delicious seasoning packet, the combination of which provides endless recipe options.  Visit Wilcox Fresh at Booth 631 for more information.
Fresh Gourmet Company Fresh Gourmet Crisps Veggies 03-01-2018 4 NEW Crispy Varieties:Balsamic Beets, Garlic, Sauerkraut Cabbage and Seasonal Hatch Chiles

Value-added, fresh, shortcut ingredients for time-starved consumers.
Versatile applications across salads and other veggie preparations.
Crowd pleaser, on trend ingredients.

Village Farms Lorabella Blossom™ 10-18-2017 An exciting orange tomato with a blissfully bright® citrus essence, Lorabella Blossom™ will have you “All Shook Up”! Part of the San Marzano family this tomato is great for snacking, cooking, grilling and roasting.
Reichel Foods PRO2snax to the Max 10-03-2017 PRO2snax to the Max are our exciting new protein-packed meal replacements made up of fresh produce and healthy proteins.

The new flavor combinations are:
• Baby Carrots & Mild Cheddar Cheese with Turkey Sausage Bites & Almonds
• Sweet Gala Apples & White Cheddar Cheese, Hard Boiled Egg, Dried Cranberries & Almonds
• Sliced Apples, White Cheddar Cheese, Dried Cranberries & Turkey Sausage Bites
• Sliced Apples & Mild Cheddar Cheese with Hard Boiled Egg, Dried Cranberries & Cashews

Sensitech Inc. TempTale GEO Eagle 03-06-2017 Introducing the TempTale GEO Eagle datalogger: a cost-effective, real-time, temperature monitor that transmits time, temperature, and location data back to the shipper. Easy to integrate into any shipment protocol; simply initiate a shipment, start the monitor, position it inside the load, and forget it—actionable data is automatically transmitted to email or text messaging, or just a serial number entry away.
Tastyfrutti International Inc Greek Kiwi 01-20-2018 From the hills of Mount Olympus comes an exciting and beautiful new fruit, Greek Kiwi. This flavorful Kiwi is full of a unique and sweet taste, with excellent shelf life. We can pack anyway you would like to merchandize the fruit at the retail level, we will be able to deliver.
Mariani Nut Company 1.5oz Flavored Almonds 10-02-2017 Almonds – a real snack. Mariani Nut debuts 1.5 ounce snack-sized packages in a retail-friendly display.
RPE, Inc. SteamPak Mini 10-20-2017 Introducing SteamPak Mini™ from Tasteful Selections! Unique to the potato category, this microwavable single-serve package of fresh potatoes is ready in just four minutes—perfect for the health conscious and on-the-go consumer. Wholesome, nutritious, and naturally free of gluten and cholesterol.
Earthbound Farm Organic Riced Vegetables 01-05-2018 Introducing Organic Riced Cauliflower, Organic Riced Cauliflower and Broccoli, and Organic Riced Medley!
J&J Family of Farms Sunny Sweet Peppers 02-05-2018 A unique proprietary field-grown variety pepper with a super sweet flavor profile compared to a mini pepper.

The peppers are perfect to be stuffed since it has a very small seed cavity located at the top of the pepper for easy bite size snacking.

Yakima Fresh Jewel Brand Cherries 06-01-2017 Proprietary variety of cherry from WA state.  Radiant red color with white internal flesh.  Packaging is black with silver and white accents on a band around a clamshell.  for display purposes this would be packaging with fake cherries inside.  Clamshell and wrap only.
Stemilt Growers Organic Lil Snappers 10-02-2017 Lil Snappers, a favorite of millennials and parents has expanded it’s organic offerings this season. Organic varieties now include the following apple varieties: Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Piñata, Pink Lady – all in 3lb pouch bags. A full line-up of organic pears is also available in 2lb pouch bags.
NatureSweet, Ltd. Brighthouse Organics Grape Tomatoes 2/1/2018 New Brighthouse Organics™ Grape Tomatoes are greenhouse grown to provide fresh, organic grape tomatoes you and your shoppers can count on year round. Each and every grape tomato is handpicked, packed for protection, and shipped to your store to be the best organic grape tomatoes on the floor.
Pete’s Living Greens Organic Butter Lettuce 1/3/2018 NOW AVAILABLE IN ORGANIC. Living Organic Green and Red Butter Lettuce. Virginia Grown.
Red Sun Farms Red Sun Farms 3/2/2018 Based out of Kingsville Ontario, Red Sun Farms is a high-tech greenhouse growing operation with presence in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Through our vertically integrated business model, we maintain control over every aspect of the supply chain from seed selection, propagation, and growing, to harvesting, packaging, and shipping to partners across North America.  This has allowed us to develop an exceptional product and an exemplary level of customer service.
Genuine Georgia Pecan Nation 3/1/2018 Pecan Nation represents a flavor filled, branded pecan.  Historically, pecans have been sold as a commodity using terms such as mammoth or jumbo to represent the quality.  For Pecan Nation, we chose the best eating varieties coming from the farming families we represent and their 7,000 acres of pecans.   Pecan Nation ships in a bright ,but clean floor display.   Social media support and a dynamic website are available to support the brand.
Naturipe Farms Naturipe Snacks 3/1/2018 Innovatively crafted Naturipe Snacks pair fresh sweet berries and grapes with creamy cheese and crunchy nuts, providing snackers with healthier options. Healthy, fresh and convenient, these snacks offer tastefully curated flavor combinations ranging from sweet to savory, and mild to spicy. In addition, our perfectly portioned serving cups of fresh washed and ready-to-eat berries, grapes and apples are convenient for on-the-go snacking and complete with spork!
Rice Fruit Company 4-Apple Snack Box 3/1/2018 The 4-Apple Snack Box redefines consumer packaging and product placement for apples. The 100% recyclable, grab-and-go 4-count apple box appeals to busy health and earth-conscious consumers, and provides a premium fresh apple experience.
Sbrocco International, Inc. Organic Pear/Apple Pouch and Polybags 3/1/2018 We our introducing our new Pouch and Polybags for organic pears and apples.  They will contain our Good4U logo along with the “more matters” logo.  Our organic pears will be arriving from Argentina and our organic apples will be coming from Chile.
Apio Inc. Eat Smart’s TimeSavors™ 11/17/2017 Eat Smart’s NEW TimeSavors™ are ready-to-cook, fresh vegetable kits offering a variety of delicious side-dishes to complete any meal.
DAUMAR Corporation Newtec 4012B2 Weighing Machine 11/6/2017 High speed vertical bagging line. Newly introduced Newtec 4012B2 weighing machine and improved CB-148 Dpack bagging machine. Combined speeds of 64 bags per minute, compact layout, low maintenance with the best production per square foot.
Southern Specialties Southern Selects Specialties in Top Seal Trays 2/15/2018 Clearly a winner! Southern Selects specialty produce in clear top seal trays.
Our new tray lineup shows it all and merchandises beautifully!
Visit Southern Specialties at booth 515 to learn more.
Mucci Farms Veggies To Go 5/1/2017 Veggies To Go is a 9-ounce pack divided into 3-ounce compartments with “EZ Snap” packaging, allowing each compartment to be “snapped” off.  This pack is composed of a combination of Mucci Farms Sun Drops or Sun Bliss Grape Tomatoes, CuteCumbers and Sweet To The Point™ pointed mini peppers.   A club pack version is also available as a 3-tier 27-ounce package.
Highline Mushrooms Top Seal Packaging + Pusher System 10/20/2017 It’s time to rethink your mushroom display. Highline Mushrooms introduces a full line of beautifully designed top seal packaging, created with consumer convenience in mind. For added convenience, display the new packaging in our customizable, easy-to-use pusher system. Streamline your display and let mushrooms shine on shelf with our new top seal packaging.
Green Giant™ Fresh by Growers Express Green Giant™ Fresh Vegetable Meal Bowls 3/1/2018 Green Giant™ Fresh brings consumers the ultimate in convenience, freshness and nutrition with their exciting new line of fresh vegetable meal bowls. This unique line offers six distinct world flavors that can be microwaved right in their bowl and ready in just minutes.
AMCO Produce Inc. AMCO SELECTONE DIY KIT 6/26/2018 To continue providing convenient, healthy options for the consumer, AMCO Produce is releasing a new DIY cooking kit, a tomato relish kit. The package will include tomatoes, spices, and other condiments needed to make the sauce. We do the prep, and you do the cooking. This new product could be used in different ways, from a spread to a side dish.
Tsamma Juice Tsamma Watermelon Juice + Coconut Water and Blueberry 2/1/2018 Tsamma Watermelon Juice is introducing two new blends to their portfolio of cold-pressed watermelon juices, a Coconut Water blend and Blueberry antioxidant blend.
Earth Source Corona Extra Limes 3/1/2018 Earth Source’s Corona Extra-branded limes will be specially selected for size and quality, providing consumers with the perfect lime to complement the #1 imported beer brand in the United States.
Crunch Pak PAW Patrol Snack Trays 3/1/2018 Crunch Pak® is proud to introduce our new PAW Patrol© Snack Tray. Packed in an iconic paw print tray shape, Crunch Pak® launched two new SKUs at the start of 2018. Ingredients in the first tray are: apples, cheddar, caramel and a cinnamon dog bone-shaped cookie and second tray: apples, cheddar, grapes, and a cinnamon dog bone-shaped cookie. With Crunch Pak’s® high quality apples and ingredients in combination with the brand presence of PAW Patrol© this product launch as seen overwhelmingly positive results both from buyers and customers alike.
Bailey Farms DulceFina Peppers 10/1/2017 Bailey Farms searched the world over for a sweeter, crispier pepper and found a brilliant standout in the DulceFina. In a category all its own, the DulceFina pepper exceeds expectations as both exceptionally sweet, deliciously crunchy and consumer preferred in taste tests. This brilliant beauty is perfect for sweetening snack time or embellishing dishes.