Press Registration:

All press is to register as “Press” during the registration process. 

Publication Shipping:

If you’re an industry publication looking to distribute a newspaper or magazine in the publication bins by registration at Southern Exposure, please ship materials to the following address (hotel handling charges will apply):

Please ship all publications to the following by 3/3/17:

WDW Dolphin Hotel
1500 Epcot Resorts Blvd.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Attn: (first and last name of contact receiving materials)
Company Name: (company shipping materials)
Meeting Name: Southeast Produce Council/Southern Exposure Registration
Guest Arrival Date (XX/XX/XX)

Once shipped, contact the Dolphin Business Center and let them know the following:

• Tracking number(s)
• Where you would like boxes (packages) to ultimately go: (Registration Area)*
• Cell Phone number of end user

*Please note there will be a handling fee associated, of which the Swan & Dolphin Business Center can explain.

Business Center Contact Info

11th Hour Business Centers
WDW Swan & Dolphin Resort
1500 Epcot Resorts Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, FL. 32830

P: 407-934-4259

F: 407-934-4884

Please contact with any questions.

Rooms Drops:

We have approx. 1,250 rooms at the Dolphin and 230 rooms blocked at the Sheraton on Friday night (most booked night). Room delivery costs are listed below for each hotel and drops are coordinated directly through our event planners there – to schedule a room drop please contact:

WDW Dolphin Hotel
Contact Jean-Paul Guillemette

  • $2.50 per room (items placed under the door)
  • $3.00 per room and $.50 for each additional item (items placed inside the room)

Contact Carolina Garry

  • $4.00 per room (items placed under the door)
  • $6.00 per room (items placed inside the room)

Items must be either placed inside the room OR be thin enough to fit under the door. Please include drop date(s), times, pub name and type of article (newspaper, magazine, etc.) with your request.

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